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Aluminex . will not only satisfy, but surpass all your skylight needs and expectations
with our "6200" and "6600" series. Both these systems not only meet, but exceed
all performance and material tests, whether its water penetration, structural
performance or deflection limitations.

6200 Series

The 6200 series "T" bar framing system can be provided non-thermal or thermally insulated. This system is able to accommodate 25.4 mm / 1" sealed units (or 6.4 mm / 1/4" single glass), providing 2-side support. Extrusions standard dimensions are: 50.8 mm / 2" wide and as deep as required by load and span conditions. A roll in aluminum bead on exterior or an extruded aluminum screw applied glazing stop, painted to match the framing, will provide glass retention.

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6600 Series

The 6600 series skylight and sloped glazing system can also be provided non- thermal or thermally insulated. The system is outside-glazed, able to accommodate 25.4 mm / 1" sealed glass units, or 6.4 mm / 1.4" single glass. The profiles standard dimensions are: 63.5mm / 2.5" wide.

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