Polo Ralph Lauren Product Development

Ralph Lauren was born in an ordinary family on 14th of October, in 1939.
His father was a painter( worker), his mother was a housewife. His family was very poor in his childhood.

His family is so poor at that time, so, he found his first job-tie sales man. Then, he got inspiration from this job or his products-tie. So, he decided to create his own style ties. and finally, he designed his successful fashion ties in 1968.

The Ralph Lauren was get attention in 1974. His simple but fashion was accepted by more and more people. And NYC newspapers found his product and him, and reported this talented designer and his peculiar design.

With the Polo Ralph Lauren was known by more people, and more and more people fall in love with the Ralph Lauren shirts, sweater, hats, sweaters, coats, jackets, other accessories. Then, Ralph Lauren want to expand its field. Then, it starts to march on the perfumes. So, the Polo cologne was introduced in 1978.

In 1983, The Ralph Lauren clothing and other products were deep impressive in people's heart all around the world. Then, the Ralph Lauren launched extensive licensed home furnishings.They are good quality and exquisite.

In 1986, The Ralph Lauren has a solid position in the people's heart on the global market, especially, the American market. So, Madison Avenue opened the flagship store. After then, many places in United stated were run.

In 1997, more and more flagship stores were bloomed everywhere. The polo Ralph Lauren went public. Not only people just knew it, but also more and more people bought it. Ralph Lauren became a daily clothing for high level class and middle level class.

In 2003, The European headquarters of Ralph Lauren moved from Paris to Geneva, in order to open Asian market quickly, specially, the big market closed to Japan- China.

Now, Ralph Lauren has become one of the most famous brand. It is well-known by world-wide and it is accepted by global market.And it has become one of the best-known fashion design and licensing houses in the world.